Win Stat: Basketball Lineups App

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126 unique lineups are possible with just 9 players in rotation.  

Do you know which lineups have produced the best results?


• Win Stat for all games or select specific games
• Total number of minutes played for each player and unique lineup
• Start and stop the running clock to get accurate stats from game films
• Enjoy quickly changing time and score on the main screen without a pop-up
• Swipe forward or backward to view and edit history
• E-mail Game History
• E-mail Lineup & player results for single or multiple games

• If the team is not recording the Win Stat, you can record your team, both teams or just your player
• Player and team info can be added on the fly

• Offer your viewers, listeners and readers a unique perspective not covered (yet) by your fellow journalists.
• Calculate stats for all games or select the games to include