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Win Stat Standouts – NBA Final Game 3

The 2nd half of Game 3 started with a quick net change of -6 in the first 1:31.  Carlisle called a time out, put JoseJuan Barea in for Stevenson and 4:36 later, Dallas was within 6.  The Heat put Chalmers in for Bibby and 1:17 later, the trend continued as Dallas tied the game.

Howard (.94) and Miller (.33)  lead the Heat with their Win Stat performances while Bosh had a rare off game (-.27).

Nowitzki (.29), Barea (.16), Kidd (.14) and Chandler (.10) lead Win Stats for the Mavericks while Stojakovic (-1.82) continues to struggle in this series.

Geme 3: 2nd Half Starter Results

Game 3: Barea In

Game 3: Chalmers In