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Idaho’s Hill and Madison; Beavers Moreland and Nelson Awarded Win Stat Ace Awards

Idaho’s Connor Hill and Stephen Madison earned a Win Stat Ace award in their contest vs. the Oregon State Beavers.  Madison was in nine out of the ten Idaho line ups that out scored the Beavers.  All said and done, when Stephen Madison (+.0.77) was on the court, the Vandals scored 68 points while only allowing Oregon State 44 points.     Eric Moreland and Roberto Nelson also receive the Win Stat Ace award.  Moreland is the only Beaver with a positive Win Stat in both of the Beaver’s losses this season, and...

Posted on Dec 10, 2011

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“Win Stat Ace” Eric Moreland ‘Owned’ Vanderbilt

Oregon State scored 40 points while allowing only 31 points during the 23 1/2 minutes Moreland was on the court. Oregon State had five winning line ups vs. Vanderbilt and Moreland was a part of each of them. Ahmad Starks’ effort also resulted in a positive Win Stat (+ 0.11) in the tough loss vs. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt’s Goulbourne and Taylor lead the Win Stat column for the Commodores as each had a double digit net plus minus. ———– Winimation’s Basketball Awards “Win Stat...

Posted on Dec 3, 2011

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