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St. Marys Arter, Hatten, Nared, Carbonel, & Smith earn Win Stat Lineup Award vs. Oregon State

St. Mary’s magic lineup scored 12 points while allowing just 2 points in the closing minutes of the 1st half of their non-conference game. ¬†Arter, Hatten, Nared, Carbonel, & Smith came on the court leading by 10 points and just a couple minutes later went into the locker room leading by 20. ¬†Amanda After lead the Gaels Win Stat Column Surprisingly, the St. Marys’ coach never put the now ‘award winning’ lineup in again vs. the Beavs and the Gaels battled to an even second half with the final score in...

Posted on Dec 19, 2011

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Oregon State’s Bostick & Schwegler Earn Win Stat Ace Awards vs. Corban

Schwegler lead the Beaver’s Win Stat column and Alexis Bostick was in all of the Beaver’s top six performing lineups during their contest vs. Corban earning Bostick and Schwegler Win Stat Ace Awards. Congratulations to Corban’s starting line up of Steigleman, Tsugawa, Vanweerdhuizen, Buhler & Bennett for out scoring the Beaver starters in Friday night’s game 9 points to 8. Corban kept the Beaver lead from growing for most of the second half and had two line ups that out scored the Beavers Friday...

Posted on Dec 18, 2011

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Southern Utah’s Hill & Beaver’s Bostick earn “Win Stat Ace” Awards

Alexis Bostick earned the Win Stat Ace Award for the Beavers with a +22 in just 10 minutes on the floor. Torey Hill photo credit: www.suutbirds.comTorey Hill exhibited great effort vs. the Oregon State Beavers with her Thunderbirds scoring 12 points while allowing only 16 for the 10 minutes Hill was on the court. ———– Winimation’s Basketball Awards “Win Stat Ace” Award: Player or players (with significant minutes) that had the best Win Stat on their team. “Win Stat Rally”...

Posted on Dec 1, 2011

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