Winimation, Inc.

Why Winimation?

Why Winimation?

For years, I invested many hours after basketball games hand calculating the “plus minus per minute” statistic.  Yet, the information is needed ‘during’ the game and for each lineup rather then just the individual players.

Having only traditional stats on points, rebounds, steals and blocks during the game is at best incomplete, and at worst, misleading when the plus minus is absent.  Since I, like most, do not have access to the extensive statistics programs used by the NBA and the elite college teams, I made the decision to design and release the Win Stat Basketball Lineups App.

I founded Winimation, Inc., to design and distribute innovative mobile applications that bring success for individuals and organizations.

Our latest app, submitted to the app store in late 2016, is the Win Stat Hold Serve App. This is an iPhone app and Apple Watch app that will give players and coaches immediate feedback to know when to “Go For It” on a second serve as well as when to pull back on their first serves.  Like the Win Stat Basketball Lineups App, the Win Stat Hold Serve App is the first of it’s kind and offers real time analysis that teaches players how to make tactical changes before it’s too late.

I look forward to sharing in your successes and your enthusiasm for the future.

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