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2011 NBA Finals – Game 2 Live Feed

The screen prints below are from Winimation’s Win Stat Basketball App.  The application is currently in beta testing.  This page was updated throughout Game 2 to illustrate the real-time nature of Win Stat Results.


Game 2: Final

Game 2: Final Win Stats

After being down by 15, Jason Terry hits two big shots to keep Mavs alive:

Game 2: Staying Alive

4th Period lineup:

Game 2: 4th Period Starter

Game 2: Win Stats at end of 3rd

This 2nd half starting lineup looks like trouble for the Mavs:

Game 2: 3rd Period Starters

1st Half Win Stats:

Game 2: End of 2nd Period

Game 2: End of 2nd Win Stats

2nd Period Starters & Win Stats for the 1st Period:

Game 2: Lineup for 2nd Period

Game 2 - 1st Period Win Stats

Starting Lineups:

Game 2 - Starting Lineups

This post is being updated live during the 2nd game between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks Thursday, 9PM EST.

The Win Stat listed inside the jersey squares are plus/minus divided by total minutes on the floor.