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Win Stat: Basketball Lineups App

Lineups Win Games

126 unique lineups are possible with just 9 players in rotation.  

Do you know which lineups have produced the best results?


• Win Stat for all games or select specific games
• Total number of minutes played for each player and unique lineup
• Start and stop the running clock to get accurate stats from game films
• Enjoy quickly changing time and score on the main screen without a pop-up
• Swipe forward or backward to view and edit history
• Export data in .csv format
• E-mail Game History
• E-mail Lineup & player results for single or multiple games

• If the team is not recording the Win Stat, you can record your team, both teams or just your player
• Player and team info can be added on the fly

• Offer your viewers, listeners and readers a unique perspective not covered (yet) by your fellow journalists.
• Calculate stats for all games or select the games to include

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Getting Started: Day 1

Apple does not offer a method to determine who purchases our app, so please consider this your “Welcome to the Win Stat” letter.
Dear Coach,
Congratulations on your innovative purchase. Here are a few key tips I have compiled based on questions we have received.
  • Click Here to view the User Manual
  • There are no settings in this application, so even if you are only tracking your own team, the Visitors will remain visible, yet there is no need to enter any details for Visitors.
  • Right swipe to delete a game, and it is permanently deleted
  • The app does not auto-save due to the importance of the clock and score.  The app will wait until you make your adjustments and press the save button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Regarding when to hit save… When you hit save, you are saying ‘that is my team going forward’. The app already knows who was on the court before you hit the save button and knows the players that must have come off the court. So as soon as you have the clock set properly, the score updated, and the go forward team moved onto the floor, press save.  All stats will immediately update.
  • The “Swap Five” button was created after initial testing to make it easier after a time out.  Without the swap five button, it was sometimes difficult to quickly determine who was subbed out and in, so when the subs are not obvious, you press the swap 5 button and then press all 5 players that are “now” on the court and press Swap Five one more time to move them onto the court. (The new lineup is not saved, however, until you update the score, time and press save.)
  • If you use the export function, you receive raw data that some use as input to their own proprietary databases.  You will probably not use that function unless we ask for you to send the data to help troubleshooting an issue.
  • The Win Stats for a specific game are found (and can be e-mailed) by entering the game and ‘holding down’ the ‘stats’ button in the upper middle of the sub recording screen. Select your team and you will see each players Win Stat (their +/- per minute) and the minutes they played in smaller print right under the Win Stat to help you determine the relevance of the Win Stat. In addition, you will see just under their name that we included the points scored by lineups they were in (Offense) and the points allowed by all the lineups that player was a part of (Defense).
  • Below the players stats, you will see the same type of stats broken down into each unique line up that played in that game.
  • Our testers last year found they were able to produce a stronger 2nd half by quickly subbing in those top performing 1st half lineups during the second half.  They also found that (other than the starting lineup) top performing lineups from one game often were not top performing in other games.
  • The most powerful use of the app was at each halftime.
  • To get the stats for particular games, such as only the close games, go back to the beginning screen and touch the Teams tab at the bottom right.   Select your team and then press ‘select games’ to check the games you want included.  Then press ‘back’ and then ‘stats for selected games’
  • At the bottom of all the Stats screens, you will see an option to ‘Share via Email.’
I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions as you get deeper into using the Win Stat.
Dave Hilton
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